Honeybees forage up to five miles from their hives. From locations around southern Berkshire County, our bees forage from Catamount to Butternut and beyond. They both benefit from and convey benefit to the extensive open space, gardens and farmland.

We practice all-natural beekeeping, without the use of chemical inputs, to preserve the bees’ health as well as our own and that of our customers.

Learning about bees is a life-long endeavor. Jan studied with Nick Calderone, professor of entymology at Cornell, and head of Cornell’s Dyce Laboratory for Honeybee Studies. She became certified through Cornell’s Master Beekeeping Program. While continuing her beekeeping education, Jan enjoys sharing knowledge with the community. Her speaking engagements have included appearances before: the Triplex Theater’s screening of “Queen of the Sun,” Berkshire Botanical Garden and its Farm in the Garden Summer Camp, Berkshire OLLI, Canyon Ranch, College of Saint Rose, Alford Garden Club, Rotary Club of Great Barrington and Egremont Land Trust. A list of Jan’s forthcoming speaking engagements appears on the home page.